Style / Fashion – Here Comes the Brides(maid) Inspiration Week

My good friend Amy is getting married in Maine this September and I’m as pleased as punch to be one of her bridesmaids!  Yesterday, I traveled down to David’s Bridal to order my dress, this lovely number in petal

Bridesmaids Dress


{Photo Credit – David’s Bridal}

The detail is a little hard to see in  this picture, so you should check it out on the David’s site in a darker shade.  Fabulous, no?

I’m a little nervous about the dress fitting me – most are made for the classic, concave hourglass figure … and I’m more of a convex, apple shape.  According to the measurements, I’m 1″ smaller than the bust, 2″ smaller than the hips … but 2″ too big in the waist.  David’s doesn’t sell extra fabric, so I chose this dress precisely because I’m going to need to have it hemmed to knee length.  All that extra fabric can be used for any alterations so that the dress can fit.

That extra fabric will also come in handy – I plan to use some of it to some sort of sleeve so I don’t feel nekkid! (Seriously, why are so many wedding and bridesmaids dresses strapless?!?)  Here are some of my inspirations for modifying a sleeveless gown:

Sleeve Options

{Photo Credit – Left – Pinterest, Center – Southern Weddings, Right – Alibaba}

Now that the dress is ordered (no returns!), what about the SHOES?  Turns out, there are quite a few options .. and I’m not sure what to get!

Shoes - Sandals


{Sandals: 1 – Mark Kemp Leash, 2 – J. Renee Whirly , 3 – David Tate Beverly , 4 – Colorful Creations Minnie, 5 – David Tate Rosette}

Shoes - Peep Toes

{Peep toes: 1 – J. Renee Classie, 2 – David Tate Prom, 3 – J. Renee Chrissy, 4 – J. Renee Slader, 5 – Colorful Creations – Debra, 6 – Ross Hommerson Bolo}

Shoes - Closed Toes


{Closed Toes & Slingbacks: 1 – Barefoot Tess Brea, 2 – J. Renee Bev, 3 – Ros Hommerson Valeda, 4 – Ros Hommerson Kaitlin}

What to do ,what to do?  Some of these will be easier to work into my wardrobe than others … but these are also the same shoes that I’m less sure about being able to rock with the dress.  Then, of course, is the question of fit and comfort.  I think I’m gonna order ….. the J. Renee Whirly Sandal, the J. Renee Classie Peep Toe, the Ros Hommerson Bolo Peep Toe, and the Ross Hommerson Kaitlin Slingback.  With free return shipping at Zappos and Shoe Buy, I can try them on, see what’s comfortable and what matches well with the fabric, and send back the ones that don’t work!


Food / Wine – Inspiration Week

And inspiration week continues!

On the menu for this weekend:


Dinner – Asparagus Ribbon and Whipped Ricotta Pizza

{Photo Credit – How Sweet Eats}


Dessert – Red Wine Granita with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream


{Photo Credit – Honesty Yum}


Drinks – Sweet Tea and Ginger Lemonade Shot Bites


{Photo Credit – Joy the Baker}


Salivating already! (And a little tipsy … hmmm …}

Science / Tech – Inspiration Week

Continuing the Inspiration Week Theme …

Let’s be honest … it’s hard for me to find a Science / Tech inspiration that I can do in real life this weekend … especially since science is like, my ACTUAL JOB.

This inspiration one is a bit of a reach for the Science / Tech category, I’ll admit.  BUT … my good friend, former co-worker, PhD-granted current roommate, Lori, is the proud owner of Rocko’s Ice Cream Tacos, so I can’t not plug her awesome business.  Where’s the science, you ask?  Well it’s all in the magic of liquid nitrogen, which Lori uses to freeze delicious coatings onto the ice cream filled, waffle cone tacos.  Ch-ch-check out her “Meet the Maker” profile form the 2014 Bay Area Maker Faire … and this awesome video that they made to showcase

{Rocko’s Ice Cream Tacos by Left Coast Digital}

Tasty, tasty science!

Rocko’s is gonna be at the San Jose Taco Fest of Innovation (the name FEELS techy … and that counts, right?) this weekend.  Granted, I could have these tacos pretty much anytime … but I’m gonna indulge my sweet tooth and explore the rest of what Taco Fest has to offer as well!

Knitting / Crafting – Inspiration Week

Sorry for the last posts (dad, since you’re the only one reading this right now) … but I had a little brush with some nasty muscle spasms / back problems this past weekend, and recovering has distracted me from blogging.

Looking ahead in my calendar, I discovered that I have a wide-open schedule this weekend? (Say what?!?) What better way to spend a weekend than to take some internet-spiration and experience it in the real world?

For my crafting project, I’m going to solve a problem.  Specifically, this problem:

{Photo coming soon}

It’s not the worst solution to necklace organiaztion … but it definitely could be better.  Right now, I can’t see all of the necklaces that I own because they are stacked one on top of the other.  When I moved, I even re-discovered a couple of necklaces I hadn’t seen in YEARS.  The other big problem is that the necklaces get tangled all.the.time. Hand to God, there has been more than a few occasions that I decided to forgo the necklace as an accessory simply because I got too frustrated to continue untangling the desired necklace.  As frustrating as that was, at least it contributed to me unintentionally following the best fashion advice that anyone has ever given:

Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” ~Coco Chanel

Browsing around the interwebs, I’ve found quite a number of solutions/ideas that have inspired me.  Here’s my inspiration board:

Necklace Organization Inspiration

{Photo Credit: 1 – Oh, Everything Handmade, 2 – With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart, 3 – Dollar Store Crafts4 – Hello, Beauty}

Check back next Monday to see the finished product!  (And, maybe even a tutorial!)