Style / Fashion – Here Comes the Brides(maid) Inspiration Week

My good friend Amy is getting married in Maine this September and I’m as pleased as punch to be one of her bridesmaids!  Yesterday, I traveled down to David’s Bridal to order my dress, this lovely number in petal

Bridesmaids Dress


{Photo Credit – David’s Bridal}

The detail is a little hard to see in  this picture, so you should check it out on the David’s site in a darker shade.  Fabulous, no?

I’m a little nervous about the dress fitting me – most are made for the classic, concave hourglass figure … and I’m more of a convex, apple shape.  According to the measurements, I’m 1″ smaller than the bust, 2″ smaller than the hips … but 2″ too big in the waist.  David’s doesn’t sell extra fabric, so I chose this dress precisely because I’m going to need to have it hemmed to knee length.  All that extra fabric can be used for any alterations so that the dress can fit.

That extra fabric will also come in handy – I plan to use some of it to some sort of sleeve so I don’t feel nekkid! (Seriously, why are so many wedding and bridesmaids dresses strapless?!?)  Here are some of my inspirations for modifying a sleeveless gown:

Sleeve Options

{Photo Credit – Left – Pinterest, Center – Southern Weddings, Right – Alibaba}

Now that the dress is ordered (no returns!), what about the SHOES?  Turns out, there are quite a few options .. and I’m not sure what to get!

Shoes - Sandals


{Sandals: 1 – Mark Kemp Leash, 2 – J. Renee Whirly , 3 – David Tate Beverly , 4 – Colorful Creations Minnie, 5 – David Tate Rosette}

Shoes - Peep Toes

{Peep toes: 1 – J. Renee Classie, 2 – David Tate Prom, 3 – J. Renee Chrissy, 4 – J. Renee Slader, 5 – Colorful Creations – Debra, 6 – Ross Hommerson Bolo}

Shoes - Closed Toes


{Closed Toes & Slingbacks: 1 – Barefoot Tess Brea, 2 – J. Renee Bev, 3 – Ros Hommerson Valeda, 4 – Ros Hommerson Kaitlin}

What to do ,what to do?  Some of these will be easier to work into my wardrobe than others … but these are also the same shoes that I’m less sure about being able to rock with the dress.  Then, of course, is the question of fit and comfort.  I think I’m gonna order ….. the J. Renee Whirly Sandal, the J. Renee Classie Peep Toe, the Ros Hommerson Bolo Peep Toe, and the Ross Hommerson Kaitlin Slingback.  With free return shipping at Zappos and Shoe Buy, I can try them on, see what’s comfortable and what matches well with the fabric, and send back the ones that don’t work!


Style / Fashion – Daisy, Daisy Give Me Your Answer Do

There are two things that 13 year old me would be so happy to find about right now.  First, that there are so many more plus-size fashion options today than there ever were back in the 90s.  Second, that the fashions of the 90s would become fashionable again in the next millennium.  Case in point:  daisies!  These amazing outfits from some fantastic bloggers caught my eye:

Daisies (Bloggers)

 {Photo Credit – And I Get Dressed (Left), Sticky Sweet Danish (Top Right), Sticky Sweet Danish (Bottom Right)}

{Dresses – Mod Cloth (Left), Yours Clothing (Top Right), Boohoo (Bottom Right)}

Here’s a photo of 13 year old me, back in 1996, rocking a daisy (well, sunflower … close enough!) print denim skort … and ‘modeling’ the heck out of it as well.  Who knew I was so fashion forward?

{Picture coming soon … it’s on my other computer!}

Want to re-live the 90s and get your daisy on?  From all over prints to delicate details, traditional black/white/yellow to all the colors of the rainbow, there’s an option for you to add some daisy to your wardrobe!

Daisies - Tops


  1. Rainbow Daisy Printed Top
  2. Fashion to Figure Alana Daisy Trim Striped Top
  3. Wet Seal Daisy Print Wrap
  4. New Look Inspire Daisy Print Bow Back Shell (via ASOS)
  5. G Stage Love Daisy Print Flounce Top
  6. Alice & You Daisy Print Cami (via ASOS)
  7. Wet Seal Daisy Boxed Tee

Daisies - Dresses


  1. Rainbow Daisy Cinched Dress
  2. New Look Inspire 2 in 1 Daisy Dress (via ASOS)
  3. Rainbow Daisy Dress
  4. Pink Clove Baby Doll Daisy Print Tunic
  5. Boohoo Jordana Daisy Print Maxi
  6. Alice & You Daisy Print Skater Dress with Contrast Collar (via ASOS)

Daisies - Bottoms & Accessories

Bottoms & Accessories

  1. ASOS Curve Pencil Skirt in Daisy Print
  2. Wet Seal Daisy Crown
  3. Forever 21 Daisy Chain Headband
  4. Yours Clothing Black and Cream Daisy Print Skater Skirt
  5. Forever 21 Daisy Rectangle Sunglasses
  6. Forever 21 Daisy Chain Bracelet
  7. Yours Clothing Mint Daisy Print Snood
  8. New Look White and Blue Daisy Necklace