Knitting/Crafting – I Pinned It … and Did It!

Ah, Pinterest … I get so many ideas from you.  If I legitimately tried every recipe, craft, knitting pattern, d.i.y, it would be a full time job.  If I legitimately bought every coveted item that I’d displayed for the world to see, I would be broke.

I find that I remember images far easier than I remember text, so Pinterest serves as a ‘visual bookmarking’ system for me, allowing me to remember immediately why I bookmarked a site in the first place.

And while I rarely do/make/buy any of the things I post, it definitely comes in handy when I have a specific task in mind.  For example, when I moved into my new place, I moved from a one bedroom apartment into one bedroom in a house.  I had to seriously cull through a lot of my things, and find a way to display the things I kept in a way that doesn’t make my room feel like an overcrowded dorm room.

Once I had all my stuff in its new place, I found that my bookshelf was a real eyesore in my small space.  Bookshelves have always been a pet-peeve of mine because not all books look alike – they’re each a unique height, thickness, and, worst of all, color and pattern!  So, I headed to my dear Pinterest to browse through bookshelf organization and get some ideas to keep my precious books without feeling aggravated at the cacophony of colors every time I entered the room.

One solution was to organize books by color, like so:


{Photo CreditBookshelf Porn}

I liked that a lot, but didn’t really have enough books for it to make such a beautiful arrangement like the one above.  Plus, then my collections – like the Harry Potter Series & The Hunger Games series – wouldn’t be next to each other.  The organizational junkie in me just could not stand for such nonsense.

Another solution I liked involved hiding the books completely in a bookshelf cabinet, like this fabulous one:


{Photo Credit Bookshelf Porn}

While I LOVE the TARDIS bookshelf, sadly my love for Doctor Who doesn’t surpass my love for a well matched color story … or my love of not spending more money on furniture.

What I finally decided to do was go retro … all the way back to elementary school … and cover my books.  There were so many options for book covering from the really fancy to the incredibly minimalistic.  I loved the idea of using many different matching patterned papers to cover my library, but a) couldn’t find cheap paper that went with my color story and b) didn’t like that there was no easy way to see the book titles on the spine.  I finally settled on what is probably the cheapest option:  some craft paper and letter stamps.

Here’s how it turned out:


I love the simplicity of the brown craft paper with the kitcshy-ness of the stamp lettering.  In addition to fitting into my color story, these book covers also let my curios stand out!  I’m also just happy that this turned out to be a Pinterest Success … and not a Pinterest Fail!

{A word of caution:  this did take me a loooooooooooooong time to do.  If you want to do all your books in one go, I’d suggest doing this to keep your hands busy during a Netflix binge.  Also, one roll of craft paper covered about 50 standard-ish size books for me.  I, of course, had 60 books, so I had to buy a second roll and now have a lot of extra craft paper for a future project … or for gift wrapping!}

Other crafty things I’m loving this week: